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Starcrossed by crypdreamsted Starcrossed by crypdreamsted
She could already hear their voices in her subconscience as her wings began to flame and fall back up to heaven - "well...was it worth it?"

With tears in her eyes, she let herself feel everything she'd felt for the past few years. Everyone warned her not to get too close to her assignment, but she never thought anything would come of caring and loving him. The first year as his guardian angel went by smoothly, as she helped him grow as a person. The next even smoother. She found herself looking forward to each day with him more and more. He had the most adorable smile, and contageous laughter. Most of all though...he was just a good person - honest and real.

She couldn't remember the exact moment when things changed...but she remembered the bitter sensation of jealousy stinging her heart as she watched him flirt and kiss other girls. Over the next two years, they fell in love, as she showed herself to him. They became best friends, and more. The friendship turned to romance. The romance turned to passion. Passion turned to lust, and lust to sin.

Their relationship became too intense...but she didn't give a fuck. It felt so fucking good. She wasn't allowed to touch him, but oh did they have some intense nights. She loved talking about the sexual "what if's..." with him. She loved masterbating in front of him too, while he jacked off. She was his angelslut...and fucking loved it.

She knew the consequences of breaking the rules and touching him, but after years of plucking feathers in frustration of cumming alone...she finally broke. It was the lust that brought her to the edge...but love is what pushed her over (or was it the other way around?) That first kiss was something God himself couldn't compare to. The rest of the night was just as perfect. She practically exploded as his fingers slipped inside of her for the first time. They had every sort of sex imaginable - slow, fast, soft, hard, loud, quiet, oral, anal...everything. One night to last forever.

So now...crying in pain as her wings began to cinder from sin, and hearing the demons come for her...her answer to the voices was...



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FrozenHawk Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007
I really love the background story to this!!
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November 30, 2007
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